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"I can finally smoke cigars! (i.e. Metolius cannagars)"

Chelsea R. - Eugene, OR

"Your cannabis cigars are super unique in the marketplace."

Jason S. - Joseph, OR

"It's nice for him to smell like grass from cannagars, not like ass from cigars."

Kristy T. - San Francisco, CA

"I lived alone in the woods for 54 days with only 10 items on TV's 'Alone: Season 2'. I wish this pre-roll had been 1 of my 10 items."

Nicole, A. - Raymond, WA

"You have a customer for life.  I've never been able to smoke without coughing."

Christina K. - Bend, OR

"These are the best pre-rolls I have ever smoked. I smoke one a day."

John S. - Roslyn, NY

"For me it's Metolius."

Tobin C. - Portland, OR

"Thank you, coachhhh! 
Cannarific! Whammy!"

Seabass - Pelham, NY

The world's first and only Cannagar Club, or cannabis cigar club. Reduce or replace your cigars with our cannagars. We know you won't be disappointed, won't spend a dime more, and will get the benefits of the most medicinally impactful plant on earth.



"You can't inhale cigars, but you can inhale these cannagars. You guys have made a great product here."

Tom A. - Massapequa, NY

"They're amazing. So much better than stogies."

Ryan W. - Park, NY

"No more cigars...I'm loving Metolius cannagars."

Joe R. - Pelham, NY

"Love them...cannagars. I can even smoke them in the smell."

Frank D. - Hempstead, NY


"Just want to say thank you and that I'm a huge fan of everything you guys are doing!  From the people to the products - you guys got it all going on! 
I'm definitely going to get your name out there as much as I can.  Seriously impressive stuff.  I loved everything you sent me so much,
I'm going to spread some holiday cheer with it to my family back east! To you, Rion, and the rest of the Metolius fam -
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!"

Alex M. - STM Canna